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Pontifex University

This is the blog of Pontifex.University, a newly-founded web-based Roman Catholic university, loyal to the Magisterium, and grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition. We offer high-quality courses at low-cost; for credit or for personal enrichment. Not every course is about the Catholic faith, but every course is consistent with the aims of a Catholic education, drawing from and reflecting the beauty and divine wisdom of the Church and her liturgy.

Our first program is a Masters in Sacred Arts (MSA). It is a formation in beauty and a Catholic inculturation for everyone who wants to contribute to the creation of a new culture of beauty that gives ‘glory to God and joy to mankind’. As a formation that engenders creativity and openness to inspiriation, it will be of special interest to practioners in any creative discipline, and patrons of the arts. We start very soon, Fall, 2016.


Prayer for Inspiration and Divine Wisdom

Oh God who art our only help and redeemer, be in our thoughts and words and deeds.

Send thy Holy Spirit to guide us that we may ever do thy will, grace responding to grace.

May the wisdom of our deeds and the beauty of our lives inspire those who see us to love as

Christ loved, that through praise of thee and charity to others, all may know His peace and joy.

Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen


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