Pontifex University

Claritas: The Journal of Catholic Culture & Arts, is the publication of Pontifex University, which is a newly-founded Roman Catholic University. Pontifex University is faithful to the Magisterium and grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition offering high-quality courses at low-cost; for credit, audit, and continuing education.

The diversity of courses range from Carrie Gress’ A Survey of Philosophy of The Good, The True, and The Beautiful which describes how the good, the true, and the beautiful have been perceived in Western thought from ancient Greece to the present day, to Deborah Samia’s  sculpting course Introduction to Sculpting the Figure, which enables the student to create six poses from a model, three full figure, one torso and one portrait, the courses offered at Pontifex University engage the student in a invigorating academic and intellectual tradition. Not every course is specifically about the Catholic faith, but every course is consistent with the aims of Catholic education, drawing from and reflecting the beauty and divine wisdom of the Church and her liturgy.

Pontifex University’s first program is the Masters of Sacred Arts (MSA) which is a formation in beauty and a Catholic inculturation for anyone who wants to contribute to the creation of a new culture of beauty that gives glory to God and joy to mankind. As a formation that engenders creativity and openness to inspiration, the Masters of Sacred Arts, will be of special interest to practitioners in any creative discipline and patrons of the arts.

To learn more, please visit http://www.pontifex.university