Pontifex University

Pontifex University maintains Claritas: The Journal for Catholic Culture & Arts. While we do not ask for donations for general operations concerning Pontifex & Claritas, we ask that you consider making a donation to one of the three scholarships funds for our students:

The Chancellor’s Fund: To support scholarships for clergy, seminarians, religious and consecrated

The President’s Fund: To support scholarships for Catholic Educators

The Provost’s Fund: To support means-tested tuition assistance for the laity

More information about donations and tax-deductible can be found below.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Endeavors We Support 

There are several organizations that share our believe in education, culture, and arts. The organizations below are groups whom we support and share a common believe.

Hexaemeron – Earn academic credit for the Masters in Sacred Arts through icon carving workshops.

Bethlehem Icon Centre – Earn academic credit for the Masters in Sacred Arts through icon painting workshops.

Atelier for the Sacred Arts in Philadelphia (Anthony Visco)

Resources for Artists

We believe that Art education is one of the most important things in the New Evangelization. The beauty that transcends from creation can be seen in art, and as such, we’d like to share with you resources we find that continues to support that beauty.

Catholic Artists Society – The Society seeks to encourage the ongoing artistic and spiritual development of artists and media professionals, so that their work may more perfectly reflect God’s glory, enriching and ennobling men and women, our society and our culture.”

The Sacred Art Gallery, Scottsdale AZ