Wonderful New Icons by Maxim Sheshukov

Thanks to the Orthodox Arts Journal for bringing to my notice the icons of contemporary Russian icon painter, Maxim Sheshukov.

Here is a modern style that works within the icongraphic prototype. I notice that he does not feel compelled to follow one of the ‘rules’ of iconography. When I first started to paint icons was told that the background had to be gold, or painted gold (a mixture of white and yellow ochre) or cinnabar, a bright red that denotes the presence of the Holy Spirit. This rule seems to have fallen by the wayside now and as long as there is no illusion of depth created, it seems just about any background color will do.

Without further comment I’ll let you enjoy them…

Zacheus climbing the sycamore tree.

The stoning of St Stephen

Peter weeping

St Ephrosynos the Cook

The Sacrifice of Isaac

The betrayal of Christ

St Joseph the Betrothed Dreaming

The Martyrdom of St Ignatios the God-bearer

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