Acton University, June 20-23, 2017

Faith, freedom and a culture of beauty – all contribute to a superabundant society in which the human person flourishes.

There is a Pontifex University presence at the annual conference of the Acton Institute this coming year. Dr Carrie Gress and myself are both teaching classes connected with the idea that culture and especially a culture of beauty both reflects and promotes human flourishing. Acton University is always a wonderful event to be involved with, whether as a speaker or attendee and so I would be recommending it regardless. But this year, we would encourage Pontifex students to make it and give us a chance to meet you!

It was at Acton University 2016 that I met Carrie for the first time – she was giving a lecture on the Benedict Option. In it she suggested that in fact an alternative, and perhaps more powerful approach to cultural regenaration that those who promote the Benedict Option seek, was a focus on Our Lady and through her, Our Lord. She called this the Marian Option. It was an excellent lecture and it is not surprise to me that what was the germ of an idea last summer is soon to be a book of the same title.

I am delighted that her course, A History of Beauty, Truth and Goodness, will be offered through Pontifex later this Spring. It is an introductory philsophy course that focusses on the different understanding of these transcendentals from the ancient Greeks to the present day.

Check out the Acton University website, here.

Below, is a promotional placard for last year’s Acton U. I always argue that we invoke the principle of superabundance in the creation of wealth when our work is graceful and beautiful. So I say there should be a 5th word on this year’s placard – BEAUTY!



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