Starting tonight – Weekly Free Parish Talks from Fr Sebastian Carnazzo available through Pontifex University

Many of you have enjoyed our Advent and Epiphany Meditation offered by Fr Sebastian Carnazzo. He is an inspiring speaker and teacher who makes scripture, the Church Fathers come alive. With his gift for connecting the mysteries and narratives described to the traditional art of the Church his is a special and unique catechesis.

Well here is great news. Every Wednesday evening starting tonight you can join him and the congregation of the church where he is pastor for for his weekly parish study.

Usually, he focusses on scripture or the Church Fathers, but tonight after sunset it is the vigil of the Feast of the Presentation, so that is his topic for study.

Go to the St Elias Melkite Catholic Church website through this link and join him via video conference. If the time is awkward, then it is recorded so you can listen at your convenience from the recording on the parish website. Better still, orginise a group in your parish or home to discuss the themes he raises. Why not sing Vespers or Compline for the Feast to complete the participation?

Of course, those who live within striking distance of St Elias church in Los Gatos, California can go one better and join the group personally and the celebration of the Divine Liturgy after the talk.

Divine Liturgy is at St Elias Church every Sunday at 11am.

Fr Sebastian Carnazzo teaches three courses in Pontifex University’s Masters in Sacred Arts: The New Testament in Words and Pictures; the Old Testament in Words and Pictures; and the Bible and the Liturgy – a Biblical Catechesis

To help you here is a recording of the Nunc Dimittis in English with the score: gospel-canticle-nunc-dimitis.


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