Hexaemeron.org and Pontifex University: Earn Credit for the Masters in Sacred Arts through Icon Painting and Icon Carving Worshops

Bring traditional arts into mainstream education!

We are pleased to announce that students on icon painting classes and icon carving classes run by Hexaemeron.org in the US and Canada in the coming year. This is one of a number of such partnerships in which by offering credit we bring traditional arts back into the mainstream. You can read about our developing institutional connections here..

With a series of classes with the highest standard of tuition, this is a great way to earn studio credit for the studio classes of the Masters in Sacred Arts. Each five day residential class earns 1 credit for an additional fee paid to Pontifex University of just $150. You simply register for their courses as you would otherwise, paying Hexaemeron directly for tuition. Then when the Hexaemeron tutor, for example Jonathan Pageau who teaches icon carving, tell us that you have completed the class and the set project to his satisfaction, we will awared you the credit.

You can find out more about their schedule of classes from the Hexaemeron class schedule here.

Starting in May and running through to September locations include Dunlap CA, Bloomfield CT, Hillsdale MI, Anchorage AK, Salem SC.

Here is a video about the work of Jonathan Pageau.



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