A Prayer that the Beauty of Our Lives May Inspire Others to Follow Christ

We recently had our first webinar for Pontifex University students in which we discussed the role of the parish in cultivating community and transforming the culture.  It was a fruitful and stimulating discussion and I would encourage students to come to our fortnightly webinars as an extra curricular activity. It will give you a chance to see and interract with some of your fellow students.

We closed the webinar with the Way of Beauty prayer and one of the students asked for the text, so here it is:

Oh God, be in our thoughts and words and deeds.

Send your Holy Spirit to guide us that we may do your will, grace responding to grace. May the beauty of our lives inspire those who see us to love as Christ loved, that through worship of You and charity to others, all may know His peace and joy.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The next webinar is on Monday 15th May, at 4pm PST, and is open to all registered Pontifex University students.

If you'd wish to do so, please leave a reply.

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