Make Church Music Great Again



Another terrific video by Brian Holdsworth. Using the analogy of movie soundtracks, he gives a very simple explanation as to why the music we choose to accompany Mass is important to our spiritual health.

“When it comes to Sunday worship we should be choosing and composing music that is appropriate and reflective of what’s happening.”

So what happens in Sunday Mass and how should our music reflect that?

He gies those answers in the video.


Pontifex University is an online university offering a Master’s Degree in Sacred Arts. For more information visit the website at

Lawrence Klimecki is a deacon for the diocese of Sacramento as well as a working artist, he writes on art and faith at 

One Comment

  1. Well done! There already exists a great body of sacred music that is appropriate to mass and I favor the “re-introduction” of that music to our parishes, wherever possible. Thanks for your presentation.


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