Learn Academic Drawing at One of the Best Known Ateliers in the US; and Earn Credit Towards a Masters in Sacred Arts

Learning to draw is to the visual arts what learning to play musical scales is to learning play a musical instrument. It is the foundation skill of visual art.

The artist’s skill rests in being able to realise the idea in his mind in his chosen medium. This idea might correspond closely to what he sees in front of him; or it might eminate from his imagination – which usually is derived from composites of memories of what he has seen in the past.

The skillful artist is one who can represent that idea accurately, and to do so he needs to be able to draw.

The good artist is the one who knows how to direct this necessary skill so that his art is a virtue – that is so that it gives glory to God and joy to mankind’. This is the Christian virtue of art; and work of such an artist will be beautiful! Pontifex University’s Masters in Sacred Arts aims to turn the skilful artist into the good artist!

The most rigorous method of learning to draw is the ‘academic’ method. John Foley teaches  at the Ingbretson Studios in Manchester, New Hampshire, which can trace it’s lineage of teachers and students back to the Boston school of the early 20th century, and before that to the academies of Italy and France. John is an up and coming Catholic artist and an experienced teacher. His summer drawing workshop can be taken for credit.

To get the credit attend the class and submit work to the teacher’s satisfaction. Once this is done pay a fee of $150 for the credit from Pontifex University that can be applied. There may be a requirement of some project work at home in order to complete the required hours of study. This week long workshop will qualify for one credit.

This is the method of teaching that goes all the way back to the giants of the High Renaissance such as Leonardo and Michelangelo. Even if you wish ultimately to draw and paint in a different style – for example the gothic or iconographic – your work will benefit from being able to draw skilfully and by learning in this method. I found that the quality of my own work went up orders of magnitude in short time by attending such an atelier in Italy.

To participate in the class contact John directly – see the poster below for details.


If you'd wish to do so, please leave a reply.

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