Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta – SAGA – Earn Credit for the MSA at Workshops in Calgary, Alberta

Some of you will be aware of the high quality art summer schools that have been taking place in Calgary for the past summers. Classes have been offered by Catholic artists in naturalistic, gothic and iconographic styles and are of the highest quality. There are great sacred artists invovled: teachers such as Martinho Correia, a Calgary native who divides his time teaching in Canada and Europe; and the Englishman Peter Murphy who travels to Alberta to teach and give talks on icon painting in a Western Romanesque style are involved.

The man who pulled of this together was Mark Charlton Ph D who until he retired recently was on the faculty at St Mary’s University, Calgary. The summer workshops were held at the university campus. Now that he has retired Mark is devoting much of his time to building on the great work that has been done and has launched the Sacred Arts Guild of Alberta.

Mark has a deep understanding of Catholic art and culture and his vision is inspired especially by the writings of Benedict XVI.

I would encourage people to support what they do. Their workshops are worth travelling to Canada to attend and as prices for the classes themselves are quoted in Canadian dollars and for those in the US, the exchange rate is very favorable right now. Furthermore, you can earn credit towards the Pontifex University Masters in Sacred Arts for a small additional fee ($150 USD).

I was invited to teach a class there a few summers ago and loved it. Aside from meeting so many like minded people, we travelled to Banff to see the Canadian Rockies – it is a beautiful part of the world!.

Below: crucifixion and icon of St Augustine by Peter Murphy;

Madonna and Child by Martinho Correia

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