James Gillick at Park Walk Gallery, Chelsea, London

Having just closed a critically acclaimed display of new work at the Chelsea Flower Show, Catholic artist James Gillick is about to give a new show at  the Jonathan Cooper gallery in Park Walk, in Chelsea, west London, up until June 14th to June 30th.

Other Catholic artists who are struggling to make it might think about his example and be inspired by his approach. Jim is self taught and his work is evidence that when the art is high quality it sells, and it sells to people who are not educated in art appreciation, or aesthetics and many will not be believing Christians. Nevertheless, Jim is open about his faith and how his Catholicism inspires him to create beautiful work that participates in the beauty of God’s creation and he has chosen the baroque style to this end. Furthermore, he is sensible and practical enough to have thought carefully about the subject matter, composition and style of his paintings so that it will appeal to the market he is aiming for, which he knows can afford to pay a reasonable price. This, as much as the skill and noble qualities of the art itself creates the demand. As a result he is succeeding in cut-throat art world and is able to make a good living to support his large family without compromising his artistic value.

You can see an online catalogue of his new work here.


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