Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Webinars for David Clayton

For Pontifex students, there is no webinar this coming Monday, as I will be travelling to The University of Notre Dame Center for Liturgy to give a talk on Tuesday evening.

Then I go to Grand Rapids, MI to participate in their annual Acton University conference. I will be giving two talks there on the connection between a culture of beauty and culture of faith and freedom. Pontifex University faculty member, Dr Carrie Gress will also be speaking there. Acton University is a wonderful event, evoted to the promotion and education of knowledge and skills regarding liberty, faith, virtue and free-market economics. to attend if you can make it. This will be my fourth year of attendance as either speaker or attendee, and it is always an educational experience.

Looking ahead, I will offering the usual bi-weekly seminar starting July 3rd.

Also, I will be giving a series of several weekly webinars starting around 5pm PST Tuesday 25th July for the Institute of Catholic Culture on the Way of Beauty. These run through August to mid-September and are free. Watch the ICC website for more details if you want to attend.

If you'd wish to do so, please leave a reply.

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