A History of Sacred Music



Music in our churches is a difficult thing. Very often the music director’s preferences and need to express themselves artistically get in the way of music that is reverent, uplifting, and reflects the reality of the miracle that occurs at every Catholic Mass.

The history of sacred music is complicated and not without controversy.

“Like most of you, I have my preferences in the area of Church music, but we must be careful not merely to dogmatize them.”

Msgr Charles Pope has given us a thorough review of the history of sacred music. It is an excellent, though longish (3500 words) article. He provides a .pdf link to print out and read at your leisure. He also provides a summary at the end if you just don’t have time to read the whole thing.

Read the whole thing.


Pontifex University is an online university offering a Master’s Degree in Sacred Arts. For more information visit the website at www.pontifex.university

Lawrence Klimecki is a deacon for the diocese of Sacramento as well as a working artist, he writes on art and faith at www.DeaconLawrence.org 

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