The Psalms in Words, Images and Prayer – New Online Course

For all who want to pray the Divine Office beautifully! Fr Sebastian Carnazzo (with a little support from me on the images part of the class) will be presenting a new class which is open for registration now. It is the Psalms in Words, Images, and Prayer.

This is a 3-credit class which is offered as part of the Masters in Sacred Arts program.

This course looks at primarily the book which, according to St Thomas Aquinas, contains “all of theology.”  Students will gain an understanding of the meaning of each psalm and how the Book of Psalms reveals all of salvation history, reflecting both the events that preceded the writing of them and anticipating what followed in the rest of the Old and New Testaments. The course will also consider the place of psalms in prayer and especially in the context of the Divine Office as well as examine the visual imagery related to the text in the illuminated manuscripts. In addition, we will consider the Wisdom literature and the canticles of the New Testament which play such a part in the prayer of the Church.

There will be lots of discussion on how to pray the psalms. As a complement to this Pontifex also offers a course for personal enrichment, Singing the Divine Office in English which is just $99. This teaches traditional plainchant adapted to English so you can apply them to any form of the Office that is sung, for example the Paul VI psalter, the Anglican Ordinariate Office or para liturgical Offices such as the Magnificat.


If you'd wish to do so, please leave a reply.

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