Interview with Ian Knowles of the Bethlehem Icon Centre

Kate Frantz of Sacred Arts Scene has just posted an interesting interview with Ian Knowles, the director of the Bethlehem Icon Centre, check it out here.

I love Ian’s straightforward approach to the spirituality of the icon painter. He expresses it very much as I do – we follow the prayer and fasting regimen of the community we belong to. So as a Catholic has a liturgically oriented spiritual life that, he says, includes morning and evening prayer, regular confession and fasting on Fridays and other specified days.

What is remarkable about this, is that it is at all remarkable and makes icon painters stand out. All of us – not just icon painters – it seems to me, need inspiration in what we do and if our goal is to sanctify the day through our work, then why not follow the guidance of the Church on how to do it.

He describes also an icon painted for the Anglican Church in Rome prior to the visit of Pope Francis. Read more here

Icon of The Saviour. Copyright: Ian Knowles 2017. Property of All Saints Anglican Church, Rome.

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