November Adoremus Bulletin Out Now

Here is the online edition of the Adoremus Bulletin. There are articles by Denis McNamara, Adam Bartlett and editors Chris Carstens and Joseph O’Brien.

Christ Carstens, who is a highly respected authority on the liturgy of the Roman Rite, will be offering a class on the meaning of Mass  for Pontifex University, based upon his book Mystical Body, Mystical Voice: Encountering Christ in the Words of the Mass. It will be offered in the Spring semester.

I have listed what I consider to be the highlights below:



News and views

Motu Proprio Harmonizes East and West on Sacraments The Editors

Cardinal Sarah Talks Liturgical Silence The Editors


The Power of the Knee in Catholic Liturgy Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

A Liturgical Year of Mercy – Three Priests from Around the World Recall Pope Francis’s Extraordinary Jubilee Joseph O’Brien

Ever Ancient—Ever New: Implementing Musicam Sacram Today Adam Bartlett

The Ambo: Launch Platform for the Word Denis R. McNamara

Questions of Faith

The Rite Questions: What is “Intinction,” and is it Allowed? Christopher Carstens

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