The Best Review of “Beauty and the Beast”


I recall reading an article, years ago, about Steven Spielberg’s “E.T..” Someone had asked Mr. Spielberg about all the Christian symbolism in the movie. Being devoutly jewish, the filmmaker denied that there was any such content. The interviewer then walked him through the movie pointing out all the elements that recalled or pointed to Christianity. Spielberg had to admit it was there but it was not intentional.

The Christian story and world view is part of how we are made. It tends to come out in our storytelling whether we intend it to or not.

I had pretty much decided against seeing Disney’s newest version of “Beauty and the Beast,” for a number of reasons. But Andrew Gould at the Orthodox Art Journal has changed my mind.  He writes a very insightful review from the perspective of a Christian artist whose vocation is “Beauty.”

It is truly a brilliant review. Please go read it.


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Lawrence Klimecki is a deacon for the diocese of Sacramento as well as a working artist, he writes on art and faith at 

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