Fr Sebastian Carnazzo Describes the Importance of the Mary on Arab American TV

If you want to know why Mary the Mother of God is important in Christianity, in one half hour lesson, then watch this. If you want to know how to describe the importance of Mary in Christianity to doubters…then watch this.

Here is an interview given recently by Fr Sebastian Carnazzo, Pontifex University faculty member on Arab American TV.

I suggest that if you want to see the role of Mary in Christianity and in culture, that after watching this, you then read the Marian Option – God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis.

To draw one detail from this we can understand the emphasis on the strong shadow behind Mary painted by Fra Angelico in this painting of the Annunciation. Note how the Archangel Gabriel is not overshadowed in the same way, even though Mary is holier than the angels and will be shining with the uncreated light just as the archangel is. This arises from the gospel of Luke in which he describes how the the Holy Spirit ‘overshadows’ Mary, which is echoing the language of the Old Testament where the same word is used to describe the place where God’s glory cloud rests on the ark of the covenant; and references to the ark of the covenant in the Book of Revelation.

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