One Story, Many Storytellers


The Christian story of salvation is the universal, the Catholic Story. It is the story we tell ourselves over and over again through our seemingly endless variety of media. Because it represents a transcendent truth, it finds its expression in every culture in every age.

The Bible Society Australia is celebrating its 200 anniversary with the release of a lavish book of art from Aboriginal Christians. This blending of indigenous art forms with the Christian story has produced some wonderful work, a few of which are shown in the recent story from ABC Australia.

“There’s been a real iconoclasm in Christianity that sees the picture as less valuable than the word,” Mr Clarke says.

“Some of the metaphors for Jesus and God are word based, but we can’t limit ourselves to those things.

“There are just so many resources God’s given us to understand Him and the world, and a lot of those things are visual resources or audio resources.

“We’re crazy if we limit ourselves to one form of communication. They all play different roles.”

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