Faculty Workshops for Studio Credit

I know of at least one Catholic artist who left the Church because he could not find work within the Church. While it would seem obvious that the Church is not obligated to employ every Catholic artist it does point out a problem.

It is a difficult vocation and it is very easy to get discouraged.

Anthony Visco, perhaps one of the best known Catholic artists in the U.S. as a message for Catholic Artists.

“(Do not) allow yourself to be dissuaded in any way by art history or secular culture” “Do not be dissuaded, we don’t have time, we need to get to work”

Anthony is the founder and director of the Atelier for the Sacred Arts, in Philadelphia. He also one one of the extraordinary instructors at Pontifex University.

His work in both relief sculpture and wall painting had earned him critical acclaim.

This spring he will be offering workshops at his atelier in Philadelphia. Taking any of the workshops may earn you studio credit at Pontifex for the Master of Sacred Arts  program.

Details of the workshops are forthcoming but until then watch the video and visit his website for examples of his amazing work.



Pontifex University is an online university offering a Master’s Degree in Sacred Arts. For more information visit the website at www.pontifex.university

Lawrence Klimecki is a deacon for the diocese of Sacramento as well as a working artist, he writes on art and faith at www.DeaconLawrence.org 

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